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My responsibility as Director General of ATRSS is both exhilarating and difficult because it is of paramount importance to me to allow it to reconstruct its identity to be recognized by all researchers from multiple and diverse academic backgrounds, interested in questions and challenges of public health.

The Agency must be that scientific junction which links researchers, experts and health professionals with proven field experience in order to produce scientific knowledge. As a matter of fact, we need to work resolutely within the rigorous accumulation of knowledge, which alone can allow us to understand and transform the varying multiple realities studied. We take the firm commitment to enable ATRSS to acquire the status of a convener for all researchers who wish to collaborate with us.

The Agency will be attentive to any proposal that focuses on research, training and valorization of our research outcomes. This triptych: research, training and valorization will be at the centre of our concern. Furthermore, we feel it is crucial to operate across disciplinary boundaries. The objective being to favour a very proactive way to the inclusion of our research activity by opening up to other disciplines implementing collectively a dynamic of fruitful and contradictory exchange. In our view, this is a prerequisite to rapidly mold the characterized multidisciplinarity as crisscrossing visions between our different disciplines. Our research project will necessarily be marked by this multidisciplinary exchange.

The contribution of researchers in the scientific management of ATRSS and in all activities leading to the pulse of health research is imperative. It is important to strongly consider that the ATRSS will only strengthen through their mediation, their integration in different networks, in expert commissions or updating and prioritizing commission of different research programs, which will be vital to nourish reflexion about the future of the ATRSS.

The openness of ATRSS to the different stakeholders in research will strongly represent our focused stance. We will be attentive to give again a relevant meaning to the mobilization of researchers who can invest and engage within the Agency.

This year will be important and our work will be based on the will of Eucharist of the agency and its openness towards institutions, partners and the learned society. These workshops will only be credible and achievable through its strengthening by the contribution of all goodwill, of all the actors on the ground wishing to develop our society through useful research via a productive approach.

ATRSS seeks only to promote research for the sole benefit of health sciences. However, in the face of many challenges and a not yet acquired environment, it can only rely on its strong potential for its renaissance and radiance. 

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Director General